Arizona Sports Turf is the leading company in the S.W. providing professional turf managers with solutions to the issues affecting turf condition and playability created by adverse soil and water chemistry. Based in Phoenix, we operate throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and S.Utah.

  • Testing.

    In our difficult growing conditions the first step is data. In our experience very few products come to the SW backed by locally generated performance data, this is where we start so clients can be confident in the efficacy of our products. Our soil and water chemistry, tissue and rootzone physics testing protocols are the most comprehensive available and in partnership with the turf manager allow the development of a strategy that addresses the key agronomic issues in order of priority in a cost effective manner.

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  • Application Service.

    Many facilities are limited in equipment for the application of fertilizers and chemicals so Arizona Sports Turf offers a spray service to support its products.

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  • Agroplasma

    The Ferticell range of products are made of 16 unicellular algae and bacteria types that penetrate into the leaf instantaneously. Additionally it stabilizes the auxins and cytokinins inside the plant which is important for the plant. New technology allows for the incorporation of these benefits into products like Calcium 880, a 28% Ca with 25% cold water algae.
  • Performance Nutrition

    Established in 1994 with a mission to search out new products and technologies for the agricultural and turf markets. The Performance Nutrition product line of turf management products and performance fertilizers is tailored to meet the ever-increasing demand for new and safer plant and turf disease control and nutritional products. Soil remediation protocols have been locally shown to increase nutrient availability and improve conditions in salt affected soils.
  • Protene

    A unique range of methylene urea and protein based granular formulations and protein based liquids that offer predictability of release not only of N but ALL nutrients in the formulation combined with organic N from protein providing metabolic benefits to the plant.

  • Earthworks.

    Produce a complete range of Natural Organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, bio-stimulants and a supplier of rock minerals.The Replenish line of granular fertilizers are some of the most complete available using no meal products or sludge, the core of product line is poultry manure. Their 5-4-5 product has been a longtime staple with turf managers. Their liquid products include the soil conditioner Trilogy which was formulated to open tight soils and stimulate both roots and soil microbes.

  • Sili-Cal SS

    Sili-Cal SS is an exciting new prilled, calcium silicate product which contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and micronutrients. Silicon, when plant available, has been shown to improve wear tolerance, reduce heat and drought stress, improve disease and insect resistance and improve the mobility of nutrients into the plant.

  • Biofeed Organics

    Aqua-Pro have been formulated to biologically increase dissolved oxygen in lakes and enzymatically buffer pH. Multi-Care will help build better soil structure, reduce compaction and eliminate black layer by enzymatically releasing oxygen into the soil.

  • Agrisel

    Gly Star Pro is a post emergent, systemic herbicide with no residual soil activity. It provides quick, broad-spectrum control of most annual and perennial weeds, as well as woody brush and trees. Formulated as a water soluble liquid. Gly Star Pro contains 41% glyphosate and is fully loaded with a 15% specifically formulated surfactant. It provides visible results in two to seven days.

  • Surfactants

    Our range of soil surfactants have been formulated for condition found in the SW. University tested formulations ensure the highest levels of performance and economy. The range includes products for greens, fairways and sportsfields and 3 sizes of tablets for hose-end, drip irrigation and fertigation situations.

  • Phoenix Environmental.

    Phoenix is a leader in the Green and Aquatic industries, providing a range of chemicals and plant growth regulators that offer real benefits to customers through superior efficacy, innovation, cost-effectiveness and product support. In most market segments, many of the leading products are, or soon will be, post-patent and the post-patent product has to offer better value. That's why more and more turf and aquatic professionals are making post-patent materials their products of choice.

  • Pro’s Choice

    Pro's Choice Infield Team of products will make your infield the best it can be. Pro's Choice Red and Pro's Choice Select soil conditioners can be used in field construction or as top dressing to eliminate compaction and improve playing surfaces. Pro Mound® packing clay can be used to construct long-wearing and stable pitcher's mounds and batter's boxes. Rapid Dry® drying agent can save the game by drying up puddles and slick spots after rain.
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  • Borregaard

    Borreplex™ OA has been referred to as the natural and safer way to irrigate. In our soils where beneficial organic matter is sadly deficient Borreplex™OA, being a modified organic acid derived from lignin, which contains only NOP and OMRI listed ingredients, is a safe, agronomically sound, alternative to sulfuric acid to acidify irrigation water while providing 4lbs of carbon per gallon to help build soil microbiology and optimize nitrogen usage.

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  • Cropchem

    Nature’s Best contains plant growth activators and bio-stimulants that selectively stimulate root development in bentgrass, ryegrass and bermuda while suppressing the growth of Poa annua. Useful where there are high Poa populations and herbicide use would not be practical. Can be made even more effective when used in conjunction with a plant growth regulator such as Cutdown.

  • Soil Amendments

    "The Pro's Choice" range of ceramics are the most consistent, highest performing, porous ceramics available. Offering unique capabilities to increase the air porosity in rootzones and enhance drainage allowing for easier leaching of damaging salts.
    When used in conjunction with Renovate, it will significantly improve speed of grow-in and recovery from aerification. Renovate is built on a pyramid basis using a combination of short, medium and long chained carbon sources. This type of formulation, so characteristic of EarthWorks products, provides microbial populations with a consistent feed program of available and sustainable forms of energy (carbon).